// ‘My Story’ //

My name is Paul Stephen Crowdey and I’m 35. On Wednesday 28th January 2015 I was diagnosed with the early stages of Motor Neurone Disease, MND in the UK and ALS in the US. To say this has affected us would be a severe understatement.

I promise you this, I will fight this and be here for as long as I can. With the support of my beautiful wife George, my girls Annie (16) and Emily (6) and my entire family, we’ll enjoy whatever time I have left (hopefully many years). I don’t want pity I just want you to help me make sure as many people know about this wicked disease.

Research in to MND is severely underfunded especially in the UK. This has to change. It doesn’t just affect old people, and it doesn’t just affect me – it affects all those around me that I care for most.

Please follow our social media accounts and help spread the word.

@crowdeyslegacy #crowdeyslegacy

@paul_george_mnd #crowdeyslegacy

Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


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