// ‘Addicted to Lego’ //

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved Lego, it was always my favourite toy for birthday and Christmas presents. I’m also pretty sure I’ve still got a plastic crate full of space lego in the attic, the moon shaped craters on the base pieces, little astronaut minifigures and tons of grey and blue pieces. 

How many sets my Mum and Dad must have bought me I just dont know, a small fortune spent on it though I’m sure. I can remember one early Christmas eve in particular.

Obviously when you get a bit older you realise it’s your parents that are filling your stocking so I decided to pretend to be asleep. After Mum or Dad had left my room I opened my stocking and found a little box of lego. As you do when you’re young I decided to make it there and then. About ten minutes later my Mum was consoling me as I was crying because I thought there was a piece missing, luckily it was found just under my duvet. The things we do when we’re young.

In my early teens I started to get sets of Technic Lego. Sets that I can recall are a JCB with hydrolic arms, a large red sports car with a working gear box and a computerised one that had an arm holding a pen so you could program it to draw and write. These were great sets with hundreds of pieces and some robotic parts. Playing with Lego in my young years was always great, I miss that now as your imagination is different when you’re older.

Later memories include doing my personal project at university on it entitled ‘Addicted to Lego’. It was a set of books about me and my addiction. I also remember buying some from FAO Schwarz in New York when we were there in our third year. I think it was ‘Slave 1’ with Boba Fett.

When I lived briefly in Leicester I can remember hunting down the local toy shop and treating myself to some Star Wars Lego. I had the disposable income and it was something to buy. I’ve always enjoyed the construction.

Recently I’ve spent a small fortune on Lego, Superheroes, Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo and numerous minifigures. It’s getting a bit frustrating to make though so I wont be buying much more. I have though just completed a small set of ‘Dr Who’ lego which George got me for my birthday.

I think Emily may have caught the bug too, she loves her ‘Disney Princess’ castle. Recently for her birthday she got three more sets, she enjoys putting it together and playing with it. She even bought a set with her Birthday money so I definitely think she’s got it.

I love the stuff, I really do.


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