// ‘The Olympics’ //

I’ve always loved the Olympics and looking at some of the montages that the BBC show I can remember many of the recent ones. Rowing, cycling and athletics are amongst the sports than I can recall and the people who won the golden shiny medals.

I’m not writing this post to remember my Olympic memories though just as I think I’ll be lucky to see the Tokyo one. Not negative thoughts but I was just thinking the other day that I was healthy during the London one, I’m now broke for the Rio Olympics and as Tokyo is four years away it seems like I may not be here for it.

I do want to stay in this world for as long as I can but obviously when my heart breaks down that will be when I leave. I don’t think about the end but things like these just creep into your mind.

It doesn’t get on top of me as I just write the thoughts down to get them out of my mind. So as we say goodbye to the Rio Olympics we’ll see what happens in the next four years.


2 thoughts on “// ‘The Olympics’ //

  1. Hi Paul
    Reading your blog is making it easier to come to terms with my own MND , like you I was healthy 2012 watching the olympics and now wondering wether I will see the Tokyo games .
    I seem to be having the same issues as you but I am still able to climb the stairs …plans and builders in place to convert downstairs to be more accessible…. No one can tell me where my MND will affect me next and at what rate so it’s helpful to read your blog .
    All the best

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