// ‘Living Downstairs’ //

I’ll probably never see my bedroom, bathroom or my girls rooms again. 

This is because I am now living in the lounge. Hopefully this won’t be for long as we have the funds available and the planning is completed so our extension is being built now.

The reason I’m in the lounge is due to the weakness in my right side and the fear of falling down the stairs. I first noticed my right shoulder began to click everytime I lifted my weight on the steps. Then I found it harder to lift my left leg up and my right leg became tired at the top meaning I couldn’t push my weight up on it. Plus I was petrified of falling and hurting myself, the last thing I need are broken bones to deal with.

We only have a narrow staircase so there’s no room for a stair lift, our house is very small so there’s no option for any other kind of lift either. This is why an extention is the only way forward. We decided to organise this when I was in hospital in January, we had to really. I suppose I was putting it off as I was still reasonably strong but just because I could do something yesterday doesn’t mean I can do it today, so it was key to start planning the work.

The first few nights I had to sleep on the sofa, not ideal but I did manage to get some sleep. Luckily we contacted my district nurse and within a few days a new bed was delivered, powered and easy to change, it’s a much comfier place to lie for my achey body.

Before the bed arrived as we knew when it would be delivered, myself, George and Emily went to Dunhelm Mill. This was to buy some new bedding, duvet, covers and sheets. We also bought some black canvas boxes to store my things in the lounge. My clothes are still in the wardrobe upstairs so George brings them down every morning to dress me.

It’s much easier to sleep in this bed and I can move my head and back up and down whenever I need to due to the controller. Also the mattress has an air flow system which is there and ready for me when I need it.

My district nurse is a star, she has a wonderful smile and she knows what is wrong with me. Being aware of MND and how it affects me is so important to be able to look after me. In the future she will help with whatever I need to look after me and give me the right care.

George is my Angel looking after me. Helping me pee into a bottle, getting on the commode and washing me every night. As the extension is now being built hopefully I’ll be sat on a chair in the wet room and there will be a downstairs toilet. We’re both ready for this as our lounge is messy and we need the extra room. 

I’m prepared for this work and it will help me for the rest of my life. I really can’t wait to be able to drive into my garden.


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