// ‘Didn’t we have a Beautiful Day…’ //

‘The day we walked around Lincoln’.

Two weeks ago we visited George’s former workplace to pick up a cheque from her colleagues who did the sponsored walk with us, they also held a raffle raised just over £1200. Here is a little post about how the walk went.

George’s work colleagues at a very early stage of my diagnosis said that they would be happy to do a sponsored walk around Lincoln to raise funds. Obviously in the later stages of my deteriorating health they decided to raise awareness of MND and funds for our extension. They have all supported George well and done everything for her that she needs.

They gave up a day off to do the walk and started at the top of Lincoln near the Cathedral. Obviously as I’m now sat in a wheelchair I didn’t really want to fly down steep hill so we met them at the bottom of it. Me, George, Annie and Emily parked just behind Pizza Express and when we walked around the corner (well the girls did) they were there waiting for us. Dressed in blue t-shirts and Damian was showing off his pale calfs wearing shorts.

We then moved down the hill through the centre of Lincoln, passing a few leaflets around with my info on. We had a good walk around and then went along the Brayford. We then began the long walk to Waddington, the weather was grey and chilly so I trying to stay warm. When we were near to Lynn and Colin’s house it began to get really windy and the rain moved in. This was really grim for me, my face was freezing and my body began to stiffen up.

Luckily Damian and Lauren gave George a break and took turns to push me around. It felt like forever but we moved quite quickly and got out of the weather and into the house. I got a lovely blanket and managed to warm up, sitting in the conservatory chilling out whilst they were sat in the kitchen eating and drinking and building their energy up.

We took some pictures in the garden and then Lynn and Colin joined us, off we went through the grim weather to return to the centre of Lincoln. When we completed the walk the weather was brighter and I took a great picture of everyone who was involved.

All I can say is a big thank you to everyone who was involved and supported us, you’re all Superstars.



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