// ‘Travelling’ //

Visiting London for my photography exhibition was the first time that George had to drive us there. She was a bit stressed about it but luckily she was busy in the morning packing up the car. This always helps when you’re stressed about something as it keeps your mind busy.

My wheelchair and Ted’s crate nearly filled up the boot but luckily there was still room in there for everything else we needed to bring. It was a really good trip and as I’ve said before George is my Angel.

Due to my illness I’m not confident to drive anymore. My right side is a bit weaker and due to this I can’t really drive a big pickup truck. I know I can still drive but I don’t want to hurt my family or any strangers because I’m weak.

I’ve driven tens of thousands of miles and doing that before I was diagnosed was a stress free event. Finding my left arm useless and the strength in my right side going away driving is now stressful. It feels like I’m learning again as that was the only other time it’s was hard work.

When you drive a lot it gets into your memory and it’s all done automatically. This is why I don’t want to drive anymore. I don’t enjoy thinking about how to turn corners or worrying about indicating and putting my full beam lights on. I want to be in total control, if im not it’s just to unsafe to do.

This is the only way to go in the future as driving can be dangerous when your body doesn’t work properly. It’s also quite stressful so not doing it will help my mind.



One thought on “// ‘Travelling’ //

  1. Hi Paul, I am sorry to here that mate it must be hard for you to give up driving but going forward its for the best. Keep your chin up mate and as I always say if you need anything let me know.
    Terry and Maria.

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