// ‘Crash, Bang, Wallop’ //

It’s now proving difficult to stay on my feet, the other night I fell over whilst on my way to bed and the next day I fell back and cracked my head on the floor. This was the first time that any of my falls have produced blood so I’m now just losing confidence in my body.

Being in hospital in January I think I lost the strength due being stuck in there for a week. I felt stronger when I came home and on the feed but then I got a chest infection. This has moved away but now I’m even less confidence in my body. Falling over just makes me scared to walk on my own. This is because I don’t want to break any bones, dislocate joints or create cuts. This would be scary for me and my family.

I had a little manual wheelchair delivered to my house last week and I’ve only sat in it once. I haven’t been out in it yet as the weather has been rubbish and I’m getting over the chest infection. I’m looking forward to George pushing me round in it as I’ll enjoy it being safe and be able to take lots of pictures.

I can still walk around but I just have to be careful and hold onto things. Sometimes I do walk without holding anything but I have to concentrate and look at my feet. Doing this outside would probably mean I’ll walk into things and bang my head on lamp posts.

I’m now feeling a bit more confident in my body but I just have to be careful from now on.



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