// ‘Surgery’ //

On the morning of my operation I was woken up early and I had my feed turned off at 06:00. A bit later on one of the young doctors came to see me and she put a new cannula in my arm for the medication that I needed, paracetamol and an anti infection one. I also had to get my blood tested, it was a deep injection in my wrist to make sure my blood was okay, oxygen etc, this was painful and she apologised but the pain moved away quit quickly afterwards. After this was done I had the medication put in to me at about 12:00.

I was due to have the operation at about 13:00 so me and my nurse Emma were waiting for the porters to pick me up. I kept my eyes on the clock and then looked at Emma with my eyebrows raised up. She smiled at me and said she was still waiting for the news. At about half past one she rang and she was told that it had been moved back as they were busy. We didn’t get any more news so at about 14:30 we decided to put me in a wheelchair and go there, they did said that was good and they were ready for me.

Knowing that the operation would help me in the future I wasn’t stressed about it. I did think about how it would go but the Doctors told me that if wouldn’t really hurt that much. I would be awake during the op and know what would be happening so off we went to the theatre. Emma and another nurse pushed me all around the corridors and in the lifts, during the trip we were all smiling and laughing, the wheelchair was a bit old and funny with the wheels not working properly and this made it a great journey.

When we arrived I was put into a little curtained room to get ready and a nurse helped me.The nurses who bought me left after saying it would go well, doing this made me feel great. It’s also a bit funny but I was excited, relaxed and chilled out .This was mainly due to be never being in this place before in any hospital.  Everything that I saw was new to my eyes and brain, I was looking around at everything. The surgeon came to see me and asked if I was ready and my thumb went up.

When I entered the room I was introduced to the doctors and nurses and they all said their names and what they were there for, about eight people looking after me. The door was shut and we were ready. The only thing I didn’t want to see was the injections and making the holes in my body, if I’d seen this I may have fainted, I’m not a fan of blood. I was given medication to relax my muscles and the surgeon said my eyes might be blurred but only for about ten minutes. This only happened after the op and it was my short vision that was affected.

Due to how it was being done all the people had lead parts on them. As the surgeon was nearest to me he had a breast shield, skirt and one piece around his neck. This is obviously so they are protected from the radiation from the thing they were using to find my stomach and to see inside my body. It was also good to see three screens in front of the surgeon but I never saw anything on them.

During the op I had gas put down my nose pipe to bloat up my stomach and local anesthetic injections near to the work. I was lying on my back with my head on a small pillow, I moved my head to the left and shut my eyes. As I was tired and chilled out if the op had been longer that 45 minutes I probably would have been asleep. The nurse near my head kept asking if I was okay and I just smiled, winked and sometimes put my right thumb up to say I was fine. The surgeon also asked me quite a few times if I was alright. The only thing that was strange was obviously when the pipe was put in. No pain but it was like someone was routing around in my body he also had to push quite hard.

Luckily the time went quite quick and I was surprised when he said it was done. He showed me and it was all a bit red and bloody but it was done. I said thank you to everyone and they all wished me the best. I was put on a stretcher and moved out of the room, now ready to be picked up.They rang my ward to say I was ready but my nurse was busy so we waited. I was struggling with pain so I asked for some painkiller, I also asked the doctor who was looking after me if he could pull the pipe out my nose. He did and it was grim to see but I was happy that now it was gone. I saw my surgeon again and I told him him that he reminded me of a Samurai Warrior, he laughed a bit and I thanked him again for his work.

I was happy and comfy when one of the healthcare assistant’s arrived from my ward. They were a bit stressed as a nurse should have come but in the end the surgery nurse decided to come with us to the ward. Off we went, another good trip as again we had laughs. When we entered the ward I pointed out where my bed was and I then had help to get onto my bed. I said thank you again and now I was back in the ward.

Emma came over with a beautiful smile on her face and we were both happy that now it was done. She told me that I couldn’t walk for six hours so I had to stay in bed. She gave me a cardboard bottle incase I needed the toilet and said if I needed anything either press the alarm or get her attention. Due to the pain that I now had I started to feel sorry for myself and I began to cry as George wasn’t there, luckily though a lot of the nurses came to see me as they were happy that my op had been done. I told myself that I would be going home tomorrow and George would be here for me. My mood changed after this and now I was looking forward to going home.

The six hours went quite slowly so I was just chilling out on the bed, I had quite a lot of pain when the wind in me was stuck so Emma said actually massaging my tummy would help. This did help but my tummy still felt like it was bruised, this was obviously due to the surgeon working inside me. At the end of these hours I could have water put in and then started to be fed near bed time.

The operation day was now over and even though I had pain I knew it would help for the rest of my life, the nurses were great on this day and so was the surgeon and his team. It was now time to sleep.



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