// ‘Hospital’ //

I knew in  the morning when I was coughing up my cup of tea that I would be getting the peg feed inserted into me. One night before this I choked properly on some food, I had to get onto my knees on the floor with George smacking me on my back to bring up the food. I thought I had already swallowed it. I couldn’t feel it and suddenly I starting choking. This was about four days after the botox injections and even the morning after them I woke up and felt like I couldn’t swallow properly.

On that Friday morning we had to ring my specialist nurse for some info and when she rang back she asked us to come to hospital. Obviously not being able to drink or eat properly is dangerous and I think I’d lost quite a lot of weight since the injections. George rang her work and off we went to hospital.

We entered the orange part of Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham and used the lifts to get upto the D11 ward. I was put into the tango stage and I was in the number bed five. We had a chat with the doctors about why I was there and they were great, they said I should of come in a bit earlier but now I was in hospital they could look after me. This first thing that happened to me was getting a cannula put into my left arm so they could hydrate me. I felt a little funny after this and was sick but this was mainly due to me not eating or drinking for about 24 hours.

After this some great nurses came in and put a pipe up my nose, the first time they tried it I thought I was going to choke so I pulled it out. Luciky I calmed down with their help and they put it down my nose through my throat and into my stomach. In the next hour a young man came with the xray to make sure it was in my stomach. There was a wire in the pipe so they could see it but it hurt when I moved. Luckily the pipe was in the right place so the wire was pulled out and I started to be fed.

A big orange plaster was on my nose holding the pipe in the right place and I looked funny. Only 50ml/hr during the first night with the feed and 2000mls water during the early evening and night and when I woke up I already felt a bit better. I did have to go to the toilet during the night with that water going in. It was funny as it was going in my wrist but coming out of my bladder.

Obviously as I joined into the hospital on Friday I knew I would be there for a while. The nurses looked after me and they did their best to look after me. About every hour I was checked, my blood pressure, an oxygen test, checking my eyes and asking me questions to make sure that my brain was working, obviously in a neurological ward this is why they asked. The nurses always had smiles on their faces even in the early hours of the night. Even waking me up with a hand on my shoulder and saying ‘Paul I need to do your checks’ it was like an angel was there to look after me.

The checks went down to about every eight hours after the weekend, obviously I was feeling better and the checks were good. On Monday morning I saw my consultant Professor who now I know is an MNDA trustee. He said sorry about the injections and he was off to find out when I could get my peg feed put it. After this the doctors came every morning to see how how I was. They kept saying sorry as my peg feed hadn’t been confirmed but they were really good and looked after me.

Every day George came to see me in the afternoon bringing clean clothes and some good presents. She helped me to have a shower as this was hard on my own with a pipe up my nose. Seeing her everyday really helped me as I was feeling alone. One day Kev and John came to see me from work and this was a great funny chat. Seeing them made me feel even more proud about them.

Finally Emily came to see me one afternoon. I can’t really remember the day but she was in school during the week and at her nan’s on Saturday so I’m pretty sure it was Sunday. George sent me a picture of them when they were on their way and I just couldn’t wait to see them. I cried when Emily entered the ward as I was missing her so much. I gave her a hug and and I could see on her face that she was a bit worried about me, I was looking a bit unusual with a pipe stuck up my nose. I did my best to not lot look stressed or sad as I wanted her to see me smiling and not worry about me.

Most of the time in hospital there was not much was going on. I talked to the nurses with my iPad when I could and we had some good chats. Sometimes even crying together but most of the time laughing through the tears.

I’ve written some other posts about my time in hospital which you’ll see soon but that’s it for now. Hospital wasn’t that great but I was looked after and I just couldn’t wait to come home.



One thought on “// ‘Hospital’ //

  1. You will be pleased when you get your peg fitted. I have had mine for three weeks now and it has taken all the pressure eating. I eat and drink if I fancy it now and have increased my weight which is a good thing as I was loosing too much. Stay strong and look forward to your next blog x


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