// ‘An Important One’ //

Motor Neurone Disease never affects two people the same, it affects everyone differently and at different speeds. This means that every person who has it needs particular independent care. It’s also why it is so important that GP’s and doctors in hospitals should know what the first signs are.

In my case the first thing that affected me was the extra saliva I produced. I was waking up in the morning with sores on the side of my mouth and a small wet patch on my pillow where I’d been lying.

This was the earliest symptom but looking back into the past I remember my memory was rubbish in the early months of 2014. I now know this was due to me being tired due to MND coming on its way. In the early stages though nothing was wrong with me and I wasn’t stressed about it.

Also someone at work briefly mentioned my speech, it wasn’t too bad just a slight slur. This wasn’t all the time and I think in the very early stages this was due to me being so tired. Working outdoors obviously made this more apparent, getting up early, driving around the central area of England and strolling around the gas field sites.

The first signs of there being something wrong with my body was the little twitches in my left bicep, then finding it harder to put on my work boots and in the cold weather of winter my left hand cramped up when I was using my phone. These were the stages that I noticed near to the time when I was diagnosed, you already know on Wednesday 28th January 2015. Although I obviously didn’t want to know this news I knew something was wrong with me.

I was so lucky to be diagnosed early, my Mum had it so that’s what they looked for before anything else. So many people are misdiagnosed, too many, this included my Mum and it really doesn’t help. As with all illnesses the sooner it’s diagnosed the better. Obviously in this case not to be cured but atleast receive the right treatment and care.

These symptoms can be other diseases though so that’s why it’s so important that people should be tested and diagnosed at an early stage. This helps people for the rest of their lives and if it’s something other than MND that means that they receive the right treatment.

MND and what it does to people needs more attention. Luckily in the recent years the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ raised a lot of awareness. Across most of the western world, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even the television news were covered with it.

This was great but a lot of people still don’t actually know what MND does to your body or who it can affect. Hopefully this will change in the next few years, whilst I’m still here and after I’ve gone. That’s what I want my legacy to leave behind.

I’ll come up with a tag line soon to add to my legacy, not this but something like ‘it can affect anybody at anytime’.



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