// ‘No Point Being Negative’ //

Many of you already know that I am terminally ill and the only way to deal with it is to be positive.

I know what the future will bring but so what? It is what it is, I can’t change it so I just fight it in the best way I can. I get a bit emotional sometimes but in a way it helps. I’ve said before atleast I get the chance to leave something behind and be prepared. More importantly hopefully I can make a difference for other people with this disease.

I’m sat in a hospital bed writing this with a tube stuck down my nose. It’s a bit grim to be honest but not being stressed in the future about eating enough or choking will be a Godsend.

In the bed next to me is a very poorly man, we’ll call him Bob. Early on new years day he was innocently caught up in a fight he then fell and cracked his head. He’s lying in bed plugged into all kinds of important machines and being closely monitored and cared for by the nurses. Every morning there must be about 15 people, surgeons, specialist’s, doctors, nurses, physios and others who stand at the end of his bed talking about his case.

Each day his wife and daughter visit him and it brakes my heart to see them upset. His wife talks to him and tells him she loves him, she combs his hair, brushes his teeth and cuts his nails as well. His Mum, well she just shattered me when she said ‘come on you’re my little boy’. Also seeing is Dad just kills me, it really is so very sad. All they can do now is wait for the recovery to set in.

I really can’t tell you how much it pains me to see his family and wider friends visiting him, I really do feel for them all. They are all staying positive and telling him he’s a fighter, this is how we should all lead our lives. There’s too much negativity out there, let’s all leave it behind.

Friends, life’s too short so take advantage of it. You never know when it may be stripped away from you. I’ll probably never find out what happens to Bob, I just hope for his families sake that he makes a speedy recovery.



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