// ‘Memories – The Pub Quiz’ //

In my late teens and early twenties Tuesday night was always a good one. A weekly pub quiz at the ‘Imperial’ pub located on Albert Rd, Southport. The usual members were myself, Sue, Liz and Les. There were also some other members but we were the most regular ones.

I couldn’t drive back then so I was picked up from my house in Mill Lane by Sue, always in her maroon Ford Escort with the MUFC souvenirs stuck on the dashboard and sat on the back shelf. On the way we drove into the centre of Southport to pick up Liz Couzens and her Dad Les. I have just been informed by his wife that he his no longer with us, very sad indeed, another person leaving this world due to cancer.

On arrival we got sat around a table, usually the same one, with drinks and snacks, all ready for the quiz. We weren’t that clever and when we’d had a few it was mainly just laughing and talking about everything. It was fun arguing over the answers and trying to come up with half decent guesses.

Sue was a proper Manchester United fan, we always had great chats about this and she was always right as in those years they were winning everything. Being a Liverpool fan we always talked about football. Sue was also a great colleague, she worked during the week and I saw her a few times at work during the weekend, being around the same age as my mum she was a great person to know. We also had great chats about personal things and she helped my young mind, sat in the car park before we went into the pub and sometimes at the end of the night.

Liz was good with music and television. She was a similar age to my sister and although they didn’t really know each other it was good to get her take on things. Les enjoyed a pint like me and he had good music and general knowledge. We always had a great laugh, also it was good that we very rarely talked about work. He was one of my bosses so it was good to be in a relaxed environment.

Occasionally we went the long way home, visiting McDonald’s at Kew and it was useful after a few pints. It was so funny to see the ‘Boy Racers’ parked there and driving around the giant Tesco car park. In those days the supermarkets weren’t open 24 hours.

This went on whilst I worked at Nostalgia Tea Rooms and all through my college and degree courses. I left when I moved to Leicester to begin my work, you’ll learn more about this in another post.

When I returned to Southport I started to go again, living in Birkdale I now drove so I didn’t drink, these were still great nights and it was like I’d never left. There were some different members but the pub was the same and the only real change was a different person doing the questions due to something that had happened whilst I was away.

I loved these nights, learning new music, using our brains (just about) and enjoying great company.



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