// ‘Handing Over’ //

On Tuesday we drove to Northampton to meet some of the MNDA crew at David Niven House, the reason was to handover a cheque from the company that I work for, Infinis Energy Services Limited. The high amount of this donation is due to the MNDA being one of the annual charities that they are supporting, it was voted by my work colleagues and this will remain into the early part of next year.

When we arrived in the small car park I parked right in front of the reception door and sent George in to ask about our parking. Whilst waiting Kev and Euan drove up behind me, Kev got out and we had a quick chat about the situation. George then re-emerged with a lamanated A4 sheet to put on the dashboard of my truck (apparently the parking officers are pretty keen). To get into the space I had to turn around and reverse into the car park, parking near the back wall was easy, I just got George to stand behind the truck to make sure I didn’t knock it down.

We walked in together and met everyone in the reception area. Saying hello and shaking hands, it was nice to meet some of the people I know from Twitter. We moved up to the first floor and entered a meeting room where we sat round a table with the big cheque layed on it, Euan made a good comment about the spelling which made us laugh. A cup of coffee was made for me and George and I managed to drink it without dripping it on to my blue t-shirt. This was only until Kev made me smile and coffee dripped out of my mouth, just a little bit near the top, luciky it dried before the pictures were taken.

We had a great chat about caring, medication, fundraising, Northampton, our families, how I’m getting on and just news about how things are going. It was good to have this talk with the MNDA and hopefully in the future with my fundraising going higher they’ll know more about me.

When this finished we went back downstairs to stand in front of the MNDA sign behind the reception desk. Myself, George, Kev, Julia and Anita were in the pictures, holding up the cheque for £7000. The first part of this donation has already been given to the association and Euan gave me a real cheque to hand in for the rest. When this has been confirmed the money will go into my JustGiving legacy.

Jay took pictures on his iPhone and Euan with his, after this Jay took pictures using my DSLR. Looking at these in the truck when I got home made me smile as I was actually smiling in the pictures. After finishing the pictures we said our goodbyes, had a few hugs and we left with a bag of goodies in hand.

It was really good to do this, Infinis are looking after me and helping with my legacy. I am so proud of them and it means the world to me. I’ve said before that it’s important for me to leave something behind. Losing my Mum to this disease and now living with it myself I have to do it. It also helps my family, it’s not everything, but it’s an important part of it.

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to Jay, Anita, and Julia, it was great to meet you and I’ll keep connected to you all.




One thought on “// ‘Handing Over’ //

  1. Paul you look great in this photo! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, we are looking forward to opening all the presents you left with us tomorrow. We have a full house, Rose’s three children plus partners, Luther who’s 6 in January and Rose’s brother Mike. Will undoubtedly eat too much! We saw Liz on Monday and she will be en route to Thailand within a few hours. Keep writing, Wendy & Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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