// It’s Why I Write’ //

My short term memory has always been a little useless, not in the minutes, hours or days, instead the weeks and months. Obviously now though my mind looks back into the past and writing this blog helps me to remember thing’s. I think in the past I should of written things down, not a blog but maybe just a private diary to help my mind and to keep things.

Writing now really helps, recalling the emotional thoughts and memories I sometimes get upset. In the future when I edit and read them again my mind is calmed down and I don’t get that upset. When I write about my family and read it back my mind is much better, I suppose this is like a kind of therapy. Before I was diagnosed  it was hard to talk about my Mum but now it’s easier, this is now why it’s so important to write things down, it helps me, I hope it helps others and I want to leave it behind to help those closest to me, maybe not now but hopefully one day in the future.

Knowing this means that when I’m emotional or thinking about something I pick up my phone or tab and start writing. This helps to calm me down, luckily with the technology in our planet I will be able to do it for the rest of my life.

In the future I would also like my notes to create a book, not just about MND but how we could all treat our friends, family and the thoughts that I’ve learnt from the closest people to me, also the good memories from my life. I won’t really try and work this out, hopefully in the future my blog will be noticed by someone who can help. This is why I use Twitter and send tweets to journalists, editors and famous people, also now people who are involved with health work. I’ll just wait for a message and continue with this.

There’s not really much more to say about this, I write when I need to and also when I want to share. Take care friends and I hope you enjoy what I write, some of it’s hard for me so I’m sure it’s hard for you to read but knowing your out there really helps.



2 thoughts on “// It’s Why I Write’ //

  1. Paul having just read your “legacy” it reminded of your mum who started to write the story of her life but sadly was unable. to finish it.
    From what I have heard about you it seems that you have inherited that spirit of detemination from your mum. She was a most fantastic person and will live in my memory for ever. Keep up your strength and spirit and keep fighting. My very best wishes yo you and you family.


    1. John, thank you for this message. Yes it was sad that Mum couldn’t complete her story but I am going to make sure that a lot of my thoughts and memories are left behind. I am going to start leaving my pictures as well and I’ll promote them on all the social things. Take care, Paul.


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