// ‘Caring’ //

I’ve read lots of people stories about living with MND and leaving this world due to it. Looking at these I just can’t believe how many people were left by their partners. If you love someone just how could you do that.

I know that when I was diagnosed I didn’t want to be a burden and I just had to know that George would look after me. Even though I know she loves me I needed this news from her just to help my mind. I can calm my thoughts down now and I just tell myself to stop thinking about the future and not to be scared of it. 

We are a married couple, best friends, lovers and parents. I don’t ever think about her walking away from me, sometimes weird dreams happen but I think that is about my confidence and I don’t think about the dreams again, I just let them go away.

When my Mum had MND even though it was difficult to see her falling apart and so hard for my Dad, when I talked to him about my diagnosis he said that even if Mum was still here she would not have been a burden. When you love somebody you do whatever it takes to look after them and keep them in this world for as long as they can be here.

We all love our partners, walking away from them when they are ill is just wrong. If you do you should never have been together in the first place, doing this proves that you weren’t a very good couple or loved them that much. MND makes your life hard, it also makes life difficult for your family but being together for the future is the best thing to do.

Everything that me and George will do for the rest of my life will be left behind in her mind. Also the key parts of the rest of my life will be left in my blog and pictures. This is especially for George, Annie, Emily and the rest of my family and friends, also the people who now read my blog, look at my photographs and know me due to raising awareness and funds for this disease.

Imagine if the person you love just left the world straight away, a lot of people suffer with this thing, this is hard and tough. Luckily as I’ve already said at least I get the chance to leave something behind. I know that George, my family and my friends will help me for the rest of my life, I’m so proud of them, also the people I’ve met so far in the NHS.

Finally, people you really love are never a burden, that’s because you care, and you would do anything for them. Running away, as some people do may be the easiest option but it’s wrong. When I read some of these stories my heart sinks, walking away from people who love you is not the right thing to do in this case, obviously the people who walk away don’t love their partners that much but they break their hearts.

My love goes out to all of you who were left alone, at least you now know who the key people in your life are, stay strong and take care.




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