// ‘Here, now, it’s all that matters’ //

Looking into the future now is a negative thing for me to think about. I know what will probably happen to my body but not knowing when it will take place means that living one day at a time is the best way to go. I now don’t really plan the future, I just make sure everything is ready for it and prepared.

We are going to see my sister and aunt in London soon, in the past I always planned the time, a route, the transport and the places to go. I have started this but more will be done at the end of the month as I know I’ll be ready for it. My legs always work better when I haven’t been sat down all day working at home, also buying tickets online and preparing the transport and timing really helps.

I know that I will get tired and my left left is falling apart but I am still mobile. We always used the underground in the past but now I want to go to places that I have never been to and also to use transport that we didn’t use. The overground trains, buses and the river boats, we loved going on a ‘Clipper’ when we went to Greenwich and I can still remember going under the tower Bridge, I loved sitting on the back of it with the water splashing around and I managed to take some great pictures of Emily.

I will drive to London in my new company car, a Jaguar XE, this is just a temporary vehicle but it puts a massive smile on my face when I put my foot down. I can still drive but my left shoulder is weak so I need an automatic car, this is why I have the Jag. This will be much easier to drive and now it will help me out. When we get to London the car will be parked in the street and sat there until we’re ready to leave, Maybe though if some places are in the outer skirts of London and based under the Thames we may go in the car.

Going around the ‘Big City’ on the overground transport will be great, you can see so much more of the City this way. I always love walking around the streets but I’m not sure yet how my legs will hold out. This is why the transport is so important, George and my girls have always grumbled in the past about lots of walking so this will keep a smile on their face, I’ll also just sit down, eat and drink when it is needed.

I’ll prepare the plans in the next week and hopefully this won’t be the last time I can walk around the city, we will now go to London more often so this is not my last visit. My Aunt is always happy to see us, I love going there and I can’t wait for this trip, you probably all know that sometimes it’s just good to get away from it all.

Hopefully I’ll update my blog whilst I’m away but I usually just write down my thoughts and come back to them at another time. I’ll take a lot of pictures though and will get some posted on Instagram, I’ve also started going through my pictures and will add more to my blog, I always take enough. This will be a good time and a surprise for our girls, notes, news and pictures coming soon.



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