// ‘Stormy Weather’ //

Humid, rainy and cloudy days with the rumbling thunder and flashes of light remind me of the time the lightning struck a tree near to our house. Just about fifteen metres away across the cul-de-sac road.

I remember standing in the passageway next to our house, just peaking around the corner, I looked away and then there was a massive bang and a flash of bright light in my peripheral vision. At first as it was so close I thought it had hit our house, I ran into the kitchen and Emily was crying and Annie was screaming. Straight away when I got into the kitchen I knew that it hadn’t hit our house, it was close though.

When Annie calmed down she said she saw an explosion outside of her window, that was why she was screaming. I ran out to the front to see what had happened, but I couldn’t see it straight away. I could smell burning though so I new it was near us. I suddenly thought ‘did it hit that tree?’ I ran over to it through the rain and the bark was hanging off, I put my hand inside it and I could smell the tree burning with a very fresh odour.

It was so amazing to see, I’d never seen anything like it before. I ran back to the house and jumped on the internet to check it could happen. After this I just had to take some pictures. The tree was cut down by the council in the next seven days as it was now dangerous. The big stump is now just there.

Other memories include one day at work, I used to walk around landfill sites and the small offices are based on these. I was in one with Leanne, my supervisor at the time, during a lightning storm. We heard a massive bang, at first we thought that one of the breakers had blown up in the office, luckily though the lightning had hit the other side of the road, quite a long way away so we couldn’t see the damage.

I also remember driving into Lincoln on my way home from work watching a fantastic lightning storm over the cathedral and castle. The clouds were full of it and they were black as the the night. Luckily though there weren’t many strikes to the ground it was amazing to see it but probably dangerous to be stood on the ground, memories of this just stays with me.

Finally I have a very feint memory of being in a B&Q car park in Southport, it was absolutely pouring down and we were sat in the car. Being there was the safest place to be, and I can remember we appeared to be the only ones there. I was very young though but I can still remember the torrential rain and lightning.

Obviously when storms happen it’s a good idea to stay inside, somewhere safe, but you can’t resist going outside when it happens. You just have to make sure that you’re covered from the torrential rain and away from anything that could be struck. Anyway I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what to do, just be careful.

You can’t beat a good storm, but obviously in other countries and sometimes over here they can be very dangerous, so take care.



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