// ‘Great Colleagues’ //

Recently my work colleagues completed the ‘Autumn Wolf Run’ taking place in the beautifully green and muddy countryside of Warwickshire.

George and my girls were there with me and we all wore the blue MNDA t-shirts. My colleagues were also wearing the blue vests and although they were bright at the beginning, by the end as you can see in the pictures they were covered in dirt.

I managed to walk around for three hours and took pictures of the muddy covered people taking part in the run. This was easy to do as my legs are still useful, my left foot is a little bit useless though and I usually have cramp in my thighs when I’m waking up in the morning. However, I know how to clear the cramp and it doesn’t really cause much pain anymore.

Sadly I missed the first team taking part, I did however bump into Roy and Chris after their showers and they told me how it went. Unfortunately some people had to leave early so I didn’t get the opportunity to thank them face to face. After this we decided to go for a walk, on the way I met my colleague Terry, he spotted us first and it was good to meet him again. He is a wonderful friend and always offers his help.

We walked around the route looking at all the obstacles, a rope wall, muddy puddles and in the distance a big red slide on the bank of a field, I wish we could have got closer to it as it looked amazing. Everyone taking part in the run was covered in mud, some even looked like they’d been dipped in it.

Not knowing when the second group would complete we decided to walk back to the finish. I waited near the last wall which they had to climb over and I saw them when I heard Dan shout ‘Crowdey’. They were covered in mud, smiling with dirty faces and bright teeth, thums up from all of them and they put a smile on my face, Dan also had a ‘GoPro’ on his head or maybe another branded camera. I saw Terry and Graham waiting at the end of the route with the big cameras, I tried to get their attention to say the team was near the finish but they couldn’t see me waving at them. Luckily they saw them and were ready for the pictures.

At the end they posed on the bank and then jumped into a big puddle of mud. I managed to get some pictures of them coming out like the ‘Swamp Thing’. Then I threw out the MNDA banner and they held this up for a really good team picture.

It was amazing to be there and the weather was hot and sweaty, it must have been difficult to complete the run. I’m so proud of my colleagues and you are stars in my life. All of you did well to finish this run as a really good team. I’m sure you all helped each to get over and under the obstacles to complete the run at the same time.

Thank you so much for raising awareness of what I have with your friends and family, this is just so important. More people in this world need to know about this disease and your help is so special. I can’t believe how many people in my company are now helping to do this. You make me feel so good and keep me up. I think a party in the future to say thank you is a definite possibility.

Included are some of the great pictures that I took. If anyone would like copies get in touch. I’ll get the rest posted somewhere soon.

Take care friends.







One thought on “// ‘Great Colleagues’ //

  1. It was good to see you, George and your family. You have a fabulous support network from both family and friends. If there is anything Terry or myself can do for you don’t hesitate to ask. Sending big hugs to you and George. Xx


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