// ‘The Soundtrack to our Lives’ //

Why is music so key? It’s a question that everyone in the world can ask. The entire planet has wonderful music, from the jungles and forests, to the cities and towns, every place has it’s own individual sound. It provides just such amazing emotions, if you need picking up, or are feeling down, if you want to chill out, celebrate and party or if want to deafen yourself with the heaviest rock tunes. Music is there for you, close your eyes and you can go wherever you want.

Ask yourself how important music has been in your own life and you’ll find that it provided the backdrop. As they say it provides the ‘Soundtrack’ to our lives. Getting through our teenage angst, spending special time with our partners, the first dance at our weddings or the final songs played at our funerals. Every part of our lives can be tied to music.

We remember people that have left us when tunes are played on the TV, radio or in films. Also sometimes you can hear it in the background in shops and places when you are out. You hear the music and your memory reminds you about them, in the early stages of grief it can make you cry or bring a tear to your face, in the later stages though a smile usually comes across your face and you look up to the sky.

It also reminds you of other times in your life, memories from good times with your friends and days out with your family or children. It’s a key part to our lives and it’s great to have music linked to our favourite times. Looking back at my memory I can remember such good times with George, my girls, my best man James, my Mum and Dad and my big sister Liz. Memories from this will be written soon due to me writing this and recalling them.

All of us have good memories about our favourite music and bands. I can remember listening to ‘Guns N’ Roses’ on full blast in my bedroom when I was a teenager, I’m permanently reminded about this by my sister when we meet, we have a good laugh about it. I can also recall walking into a HMV store in 2004 and hearing ‘Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll’ for the first time. I just had to find out who was singing it and since then ‘The Killers’ have been in my top five favourite bands. It’s funny how this happens when your not looking for it, I suppose that’s how these thing happen.

I get such pleasure from listening to music and I’m so lucky to have such eclectic taste. I’ve picked it up from my parents, my wife, my children and recently I realised it was also due to my love of the ‘Movies’, in this case songs enter your head almost sublimaly. I love nearly every genre, musicals, dance, trance, classical, hard rock, metal, pop, the list goes on.

Sometimes I feel like listening to ‘Michael Jackson’ and other times its ‘Bullet for my Valentine’. Occasionally it’s ‘Beethoven’s’ ‘9th’ or ‘Vivaldi’s’ ‘Four Seasons’. I’m unsure what makes me fancy which genre and when. I suppose it’s due to our brains, they are organic things after all and our minds are just wonderful. We all have individual ones and luckily my disease will not affect mine too much, my memory will remain the same, even if my body is completely knackered.

You can get really lost in music, goose bumps arrive along with the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. If music doesn’t do that to me I don’t really enjoy it. I want my favourite music to move me, make me emotional, remember things and provide great entertainment.

One last note, we recently watched The Last Night of the Proms on the BBC and one of the soloists was German tenor Jonas Kaufman, during his set he sang ‘Nessun Dorma’, he blew me away. There’s not many people in the world who can sing like that, that’s what music should do.

Sit back and think about how music has been linked to your life, you’ll be digging out your favourite albums or searching on your phone or tabs to find them.



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