// ‘What about Ted’ //

A new member of our family will be joining us today. A beautiful little man called Ted, well a little young border terrier. I just can’t wait to be playing with him and taking him for walks.

He will be with me for the rest of my life. I’ll be training and teaching him every day which will be really good. Ted will be my mate and little man, also he will keep me company when the girls are at school and George is working.

When I was young my Mum and Dad got us a dog, I think I was about 11 and Liz was 13. We got a pedigree black labrador puppy and named her Lucy. I can still remember the day we picked her up, for some reason there was a broken piece of glass in the office. We pointed it out and it got moved to the back of the desk.

Unluckly when Lucy ran into to room she went behind the desk and got cut, it missed her eyes and gave her a scar on her face. This gave her a beautiful and personal thing, scars are always different. Her face was so special.

She was my friend and always stood up for me, perhaps like a little sister. She always looked after us, being a guard at the front of the house. She sat in the bay window with her chin sat on the sill.

When anyone touched the gate or walked past it and looked at her she used to jump up at the glass, her heckles raised and she barked as loud as she could. Her paws were bouncing off the glass and from the outside you could see the glass bending and looking like liquid. How she never went through it I’ll never know, it was only a single pane.

Nobody would ever break in to our house with her doing that or even approaching it if they didn’t have a good reason, luckily we had a long drive. The only good thing was when people walked into the house she would run away with her tail between her legs. She also used to stop barking and carry on jumping at the window with her tail wagging if it was someone she knew. In particular my Uncle Geoff. A regular visitor for Saturday night dinner and film shows.

She was a great part of our family and I also remember when she left us. One night we had all been out, we got home and we let Lucy into the garden for her go to the toilet. When she was out she had a stroke and dad carried her back into the kitchen. We called the vet and he came quickly, he confirmed she had a stroke and even though she could be recovered from this one she would probably have one again, an even worse one. 

We knew she wasn’t happy lying in her bed and looking at her face. We all said goodbye to her and that was that. 

Dogs can provide a really good member of your family, they are great. Ted will be with us shortly and he will join our family. Me and him will be the only boys in our family. 

More news about Ted when he’s with us.



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