// ‘Knowing’ //

It’s really good to know that my colleagues at work are taking part in runs to help my legacy.

They will help me to promote this disease and help to raise money for the association. I’m so proud of some technicians, managers and office workers.

It’s also great to have visits at home with my colleagues. Terry, Kev, Paul, John and Eric. You are stars in my life and I hope you can help to promote me, I really can’t say how special you are in my life. Knowing you’re there for me is just amazing.

I always get a bit emotional when I talk to them but it’s because I want more people in this world to know about MND.

In the future when I’m not working I’ll be going around this country to showcase how it affects me, my family and those who live with it or have left this world due to it.

Hopefully my colleagues will still help me when I’ve left work and come and see me on a regular basis. This will go on for the rest of my life and my legacy will be left behind.

This is just so important.


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