// ‘She did it’ //

Our first fundraising event is now complete and the money is nearly all in. On a sunny morning at the beginning of June my beautiful wife Georgina completed the Woodhall Spa 10k. She did really well, completing it in around 70 minutes, all around the route she showed off the blue MNDA vest and it stood out well.

She was possibly the only person taking part in the race who was raising money for the association, across the whole race, even though there was over a thousand people taking part there were very few obvious signs of any charities. This is quite a young race so in the future more charities should be promoted.

It was a wonderful day for it though and myself and Emily stood patiently waiting to see George pass us, if I’d known how close we were to the finish we would have waited for her there. Anyway the time passed quite quickly, Emily playing with the grass and me taking pictures of anything and everything. I got a little bit emotional at the end of the race but I managed to hold on to it. I’m so very proud of George.

I also know now that some of my colleagues will be doing a Wolf race for #crowdeyslegacy in September. This put a smile on my face when the email came to me and hopefully we can see it happening. More news about this soon.



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