// ‘Summer’s Coming’ //

You can’t beat a bit of gardening to blow away the cobwebs, and this weekend we started to attack the back one.

Ever since we moved to our current house we’ve tried to have a nice garden. When we moved here the back garden was completely wild and overgrown, the grass was about 3 foot tall from the back of the house to the fence. It’s quite a long garden so it took some work to get the lawn looking nice, there was also some fire damage about three quarters of the way down.

We moved here in May 2009 and it was Emily’s first birthday at the beginning of July, not much time to sort it. I remember Emily’s party, we sat out in the garden and it looked desolate. After we cut the long grass down we had a very dry and hot summer so the lawn was parched to say the least. We had to get a gazebo, it was baking. This was just the beginning of our work in the garden, it’s been tough but rewarding.

Every year we try and do something and this week we’re tidying and planting. I’ve got some great pictures of Emily helping us down the years, Annie’s not really a garden person, who is when they’re 16. Emily always helps, I hope she has green fingers when she older, it’s a great way to relax.

Doing this shows me just how strong I still am. Obviously my left side is weaker, but I can still lift and carry things. It hurts when I hit my left hand though, particularly on the palm or my thumb. This is where the muscle wastage is the worst.

It’s not a stabbing pain, I’d say it’s more like when you bang you elbow. It does smart, I can usually shake it off though. When this happens it reminds me that I need to be careful. I can’t stay out in the garden all day like I used to but I can definitely still get things done. It’s amazing how many jobs you find once you start looking. I’ve loads to do so there’s plenty to keep me busy.

I’ve always loved gardening, I can remember helping Dad when I was young. We always had fun digging and moving stuff around. In some ways gardening is one of the best things to do as a family. It’s always great to get out there.



One thought on “// ‘Summer’s Coming’ //

  1. I too love gardening, when my daughter was taken seriously ill landscaping the garden kept me going and was my haven away from it all. Today she still has a health illness and I still garden; it is so theraputic and good for the soul. We too have been introduced to the MND monster; he came – he caused devastation – he left in 9 short months. I raise awareness and fundraise for MNDA and CLDF.

    Keep marching on x


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