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Yesterday we had a great time walking around the local May fair located in the field behind our house. Being with my beautiful girls and George, we had a really enjoyable and constructive time.

Emily spent ‘ages’ crafting a dragon, helped by a very talented lady in a wonderfully themed tent. She also loved going round on the manually turned carousel, this was a little wonder. Dressing up, throwing bean bags, eating cakes and chips, and playing with her friends completed her days activities.

Annie picked out some smelly stuff from the stall located in the pavilion, enjoyed a freshly made milkshake and ate a tray of delicious chips in the drinks tent. She didn’t last the pace though and called it a day about 2pm. There’s never much to do for 16 year old girls at these things.

Me and George spent most of the time chasing after Emily and keeping ourselves stocked up on food and drink. None of the hard stuff though, just cans of pop and bottles of water. It was good to find they were chilled, it was boiling when the sun came out and we all caught it.

George spent much of the time catching up with her friends and I had a good chat with my neighbour. It’s so much easier to talk and point out what’s wrong with me now. You have no idea how much writing this blog helps this. It also helps to talk to people, they are never anything other than welcoming and offering their help.

I was also recruited by the local committee for my photographic skills, I had a suitably large camera. They wanted some pictures of the event and I’m more than happy to oblige. I’ve contacted them and will send some pictures shortly. I wasn’t going to take many but I ended up taking around 300.

Going to this event reminded both myself and George of how important our community is. We live in a wonderful village and so many people have offered their help. They don’t really know us that well so that has to change in the future.

Our communities are vital and it’s at times like these that they become really important. We shall both make more of an effort to get to know people and help where we can.

The event was dedicated to a little girl who suffered with Marfans Syndrome, sadly losing her battle last year. She was only a year older than Emily and went to her school.

Life’s too short, always remember that.


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Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


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