// ‘Why I have to do this’ //

The reason I have to do so much for the Motor Neurone Disease Association is because I lost my Mum to this disease and now I live with it. I must raise awareness and funds. In a way awareness is more important as so many people are ignorant as to what MND actually is.

Talking about my Mum is tough, I always get upset when I talk about her. She was only little at about 4’11, but if I ever needed help she was the one. I suppose you have to be strong willed when you’re small, she was, and she certainly knew how to put people in their place. She was the best Mum a son could have, I’m so proud of her.

I can still remember Dad ringing to tell me of her diagnosis, I was sat at the kitchen table in our old house with George, it broke me. She had been ill in some way for a couple of years so it wasn’t really a surprise, it was still devestating news though, as it was when I was diagnosed. She fought it for as long as she could and my Dad supported her so bravely through it. She was misdiagnosed in the early stages and this really didn’t help to prepare for what was to come in the future. It’s difficult to talk about what they both went through so I’ll keep that to myself.

I really have no choice but to do this, not only for me and Mum, but for my entire family, George and the girls especially. I love them with every single part of my heart, body and soul, they are my world. I refuse to go quietly and when I’m ready I’m going to make as much noise as I can.

More importantly I couldn’t live with myself if I went out with a whimper. Sorry, but you best get used to me, I’m going to get loud.

I have no other option. I can’t let everybody down.

Please follow our social media accounts and help spread the word.
@crowdeyslegacy #crowdeyslegacy

@paul_george_mnd #crowdeyslegacy

Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


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