// ‘Moaning – It’s Just a Waste of Energy’ //

Sometimes there’s just too much moaning. Do the best with what you have, if your not happy then do something about it. Moaning does nothing, it’s just a waste of energy.

We all need to make an effort in life, things are never done for us and life just doesn’t get delivered on a plate. You have to go out and find it.

Think about the problem, work out how you can fix it. Don’t moan about it.

We all have bad days when things don’t go our way but instead of moaning let’s think how we can fix the problem. Sometimes the problem can’t be fixed, for example my health but moaning does absolutely nothing, it very rarely even makes you feel better.

Life is never easy, let’s not make it worse by moaning, it just gets you down. Take five minutes to think about the problem and how ‘You’ can fix it. If it can’t be fixed learn to live with it or change it.

Let’s stop it.

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Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


3 thoughts on “// ‘Moaning – It’s Just a Waste of Energy’ //

  1. My name is tony OConnor from Portstewart Northern Ireland and I was diagnosed October 2014 but now I know first signs were manifesting probably March 2014.
    Up until then I was am active
    Long distance walker .i am aged. 60 years.
    I agree with the MNDA slogan
    Living with MND and thus I concur that moaning is a pointless waste of energy.
    I know the adage about living in the NOW is a well worn out philosophy but dwelling too long in the past or thinking about the future does not help our well being,it is difficult not to but I find making an effort to be present in our new style/ form of life for however long can be quite alleviating.
    I often ask the question Who Am I ? Within this body.
    Different traditions will give different answers to this question but I am sure the true Inner SELF is all powerful.
    It is natural for an individual to have attachments such as fears for the future such as family ,dying etc.
    Birth is a mystery as is death but we are all on the same journey through life.


  2. It always amazed me how my Mum never moaned about each hurdle she faced. Of course it’s just a waste of energy but coming from an MND perspective it makes even more sense. All the best.


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