// ‘Every day I’m twitching’ //

I’m twitching every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. At the moment it’s only the bicep in my left arm and the thigh in my left leg.

It’s actually quite funny, I only notice this when I look at them. Luckily there is no pain but obviously these muscles will go down first, it’s just as well I’m a right handed man.

The only bad thing which is affecting me at the moment is my left hand. It’s weaker and looking different to my right one but I can still use it. I do have to be careful with it though as the muscles are dissapearing and it hurts if I bang it or even just knock it.

I also have a patch behind my right ear to cut down the saliva, it’s actually a travel patch but it seems to do the trick. It’s helping me to talk better and is increasing my confidence. My tongue is also affected but I’ve learnt how to use it differently when talking and eating.

Back to the twitching though. At nightime, whilst in bed, I only notice the twitching when my arm is bent and up near my face. I never notice my leg and this helps me to fall asleep. The cramps and dead arms seem to be going away so I’m a lot more comfortable at night. I think I’ve just learnt the best position to lie. They do wake me up sometimes but it’s no where near as bad as it used to be.

In the future more of my body will start twitching but I don’t know when this will happen. My body is still strong, my appetite is still good and I’m looking after myself.

I do need a haircut though.



One thought on “// ‘Every day I’m twitching’ //

  1. Hi Paul! I´m Rose, Britlove72 en IG. I´m very excited Reading your text. I´m very emocional. But i think you´re first very very brave, and everybody should read your blog for undestand many things. I´m feel very Little in front of you. Only could say that you´re an example of courage and joy of living. Thanks for share your thoughts.


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