// ‘Being Diagnosed’ //

Being diagnosed with this wicked disease so early means that sometimes I can just forget that I am ill.

At the moment it’s only my left hand which doesn’t work properly, my mouth is sometimes full of saliva and my tongue is weaker. Also the left side of my body is twitching.

Due to my Mum having this disease this is why I was diagnosed so early. I was so stressed about my health that my GP sent me to a professor at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

After this I had to go to Lincoln hospial to have my muscles tested. The doctor who did the tests said he found something but he couldn’t tell me. So when this happened I knew that something was wrong. After this Christmas came and I was a lot happier. When I went back to see the professor he told us and we just cried for a few days, we were both very emotional. This was a really hard couple of days.

The worst thing that I had to do after being told was to tell my Dad and Sister, I had the same thing that my Mum had and what she died from. This was really hard to do. When I rang my Dad he was just really good. I was crying on the phone but Dad just helped to calm me down, he was really strong and calm. The best thing he said was to take one day at a time.

Since then this is how we go, it’s a lot easier to put up with my illness. My mind is a lot happier and stronger.

This just really helps, as this disease affects everybody different there is just no point looking into the future. We’ll fight this to the end.



One thought on “// ‘Being Diagnosed’ //

  1. Hi. I think having come close to the edge twice now myself, your Dad is spot on about taking it one day at a time. Life is unpredictable and its better to enjoy the moment rather than waste energy worrying too much about what tomorrow brings. Take care. Matt


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