// ‘Isn’t it Strange’ //

Being told your terminally ill is strange. We all know we’re going to die, it’s something I’ve always been aware of, something I’ve never been scared of. I still don’t know the how, the where or the when.

I suppose now I know I won’t die aged 90 in a hospice but really what were the chances of that happening anyway? We all live knowing that everyday could be our last. I think that we just don’t take any notice of this.

If anything, this news has given me even more to live for. I’ve spoken before about how life can just plod along, we all get stuck in the daily grind. I suppose we can all be accused of this.

Every day should be the best as it could be our last. I know we don’t all go along like this but we should. Looking back, every day when I left home to go to work could have been my last.

A hug in the morning and at the end of the day with your loved ones or a message to your extended family is important. From now I always contact my dad and sister every day and I should have really done this before.

If I was told that someone I cared about had passed away and I hadn’t contacted them for days/weeks/months I would be broken. We always take this for granted even though it’s so easy to do this in our world of communication. A quick text, Instagram, Twitter or phone call message is so easy.

All of us around the world should change our behaviour. Contacting the people we care about every day is so easy and we can’t just neglect it.

A future thing, contact the people you care about every day. Also remember if you ever fall out with them make sure a message or hug at the end of the day is very important.



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