// ‘Lazy days and Mondays’ //

Today has been a great day to chill out, relax, and catch up on my new favourite television program. I’ve seen ‘Game of Thrones’ in the past but never from the start of the series or in the right order.

Watching a few episodes of it nearly every day means I’m catching up quite quickly, season 5 starts soon! I do however find it difficult to see what’s happening when its dark, with the daylight rays shining on the telly. I adjust my head to see what is happening and probably look like a bit of a plonker. I refuse to close the curtains.

I also fast forward through some of the more gruesome parts as I really don’t like them. Just knowing what is going to happen is enough, sometimes that’s where they should leave it.

One of the best films I’ve seen ‘Seven’ was great at leaving your imagination to fill in the gaps. Some truly gruesome events happened that we didn’t even see. Just the visual and verbal description was enough to make your mind go nuts.

I really do love the ‘Movies’ and now there’s some wonderful television series as well. I know in the future when my body is broken these will really help. So any suggestions you have would be cool.

I just wish they’d make some great new ‘Movies’, there often seems to be nothing worth watching.

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