// ‘What can I do?’ //

Every day I am thinking about what I can do to help promote this disease. I am currently sat here watching the rugby with Miss Emily while she has her tea.

Even though I can chill out watching sport my brain is just always thinking about this. I want people to know about this, how it affects us and those around us. This is what I want to leave behind, I can’t afford to go quietly.

Meeting some MP’s whilst I can still talk and am mobile would help and they can help to promote it. Also getting to know some celebrities would be advantageous. I want to meet people on Twitter who are young like me and find out their stories, take pictures of them and their families. I won’t keep this to just the young people though.

I have always enjoyed photography but since I was diagnosed I have started to write. I know I’m no novelist but I can write. Before I was diagnosed I hardly ever wrote, just completing work reports and sending emails. Now I write every day, I want this to be part of my legacy.

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to meet up with editors or journalists who can help me. I want to produce a book or maybe just write a column in a newspaper.

I am going to get on top of this in the next few week’s and then hopefully loads of people can promote it. Just an idea…

Photography, exhibitions, stories… Mix it all up and what have you got?



2 thoughts on “// ‘What can I do?’ //

  1. It’s a joy to read your dreams and thoughts on your new life this morning. We are all fighting for you. My dad started the White House petition which will require all advocates to do some strategic work if we want to get 100,000 signatures within 30 days to hear back from the White House. Consider sending this out and helping PALS to get some HOPE! http://wh.gov/iWMcT


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