// ‘Waiting’ //

I’m sat at the doctors and waiting. When entering and seeing the appointments were running approximately 30 minutes late I decided to go to the chemist and then the local shop. When I entered again the delay had changed to 45 minutes.

This is why I’m writing this and I’m just chilled out and trying not to fall asleep. I’m only here to find a solution for my itchy skin, probably just a cream or antihistamine. My hay fever will start soon so I think a pill would be more advantageous. This is up to my GP though.

My skin isn’t really that bad I’ve just noticed lots of itchy little red spots on my chest. They are only a little bit bothering I just want to get on top of this now. I think my skin has become more sensitive and I just have to look after it.

In the past waiting for things like this I was really stressed. Now I’ve been diaganosed I know what is wrong with me. Since getting over my diagnosis with the help of my beautiful wife and family I am a lot more chilled out.

Dealing with this one day at a time is the best thing that my Dad said when I told him. I’ll tell you more about my Dad when I find the strength to write about him.

After a good talk with my GP I was diagnosed with a crappy thing that I think I got from my last time at hospital.

Cream and pills will help me out.



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