// ‘Making Me Tired’ //

What this disease and the medication seems to be doing at the moment is making me tired. I don’t think it’s just due to the disease though. I am having trouble staying asleep when I’m in bed also I am getting up early and spending many hours on my laptop. I just have to manage it.

Last night I had no cramps or numbness but I was still restless. Sleep is always a priority and if I continue to struggle I’ll have to speak to my doctor.

I know I’m going to be tired but I don’t want to let it spoil my days. I know that eating and drinking properly will help so this is what I will do. Fuelling my body is so very important now.

I love food, I just need to make sure what I eat is useful to me. I can’t just drink coffee all day. Also the muscles in my neck and shoulders are tight, I need a massage soon. I’m going to make sure that I do stretches everyday.



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