// ‘The Specialists’ //

Today myself and George went to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for my appointment with the specialists.

We left Lincoln nice and early after dropping Emily’s car seat at her Nan and Grandads and then updating George’s car license. We then travelled to Nottingham, stopping at a retail park on the way to have lunch at a good Subway store. This was a wonderful Subway as they actually had tables to sit at and it was nice and spacious.

After this we ran around Nottingham trying to find the hospital. I had to drive out of the city, then drove back in on the road which I knew would take us to the hospital. The postcode for the hospital is just useless. It’s always hard to find and this time I made sure to put the car park in my Sat nav. Next time it will be easy to find and we can park nice a early.

We got there a little bit too late and started rushing around the hospital. Finally we gave in and asked for help. When we arrived we sat down and managed to chill. I hate being late and I was getting stressed, George kicked me into touch though.

The nurse arrived and then took us to the room. I was surprised when we entered by how many people were there. I thought they might be juniors but I was wrong. We were introduced to all. There was a consultant, our MND nurse Debbie, her assistant and a nutritionist.

After sitting down and talking for a while about how the medication is affecting me and how my body is starting to break down the consultant did a couple of tests. Mainly testing my strength in my arms and legs. The only obvious thing at the moment is my left hand, I am a little bit weaker on my left side though. I was also weighed and had my oxygen levels checked.

This was a really good meet up, the staff were all pleasant and made me feel very comfortable. I shared with them my Twitter and Instagram accounts and let them know how we are going to fight this disease.

After, I went for another blood test as they didn’t receive the results from last week. If this comes back clear I will receive a letter saying I can increase my medication.

Please follow our social media accounts and help spread the word.
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Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


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