// ‘It’s just as well I’m not a leftie’ //

As with many people who have MND it’s usually the left side of our bodies which break down first.

The first thing I noticed, last year, was my left hand, I was doing the pots in the kitchen. I was drying a glass, and with my left hand I turned my fingers around inside the glass. This shot pain up my arm and made my hand hurt for several minutes afterwards. At the time I thought nothing of it.

Months later whilst working outside during the winter, the chilly wind made my hand really cold (I have cold hands and feet anyway). I noticed I couldn’t move my fingers and thumb properly. I can actually remember the first time it happened. I received a phone call and took my glove off to answer it. When I hung up I struggled to put my glove on properly and found it more difficult to use my analyser.

Even though my hand returned to normal when I got back in the warmth, I knew, at the back of my mind, that something was wrong.

My hand is still useful but it’s not as strong as it used to be. You can see that the little muscles are disappearing and my middle fingers are very weak. I can still make a fist, spread my fingers and move them though. The only problem is that it’s breaking down.

I’m only at the beginning of this, not that much has changed since I was diagnosed, but it’s happening. It really helps to write this and hopefully more people will read this and learn how it affects my body.

My left hand will be the first part to leave me. It’s just as well I’m right handed!



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