// ‘Busy days and Tuesdays’ //

Today has been a busy day and it’s still not over. I’m writing this at gymnastics with Miss Emily.

Busy days are always great, whether it’s work or play. Today I’ve worked, been to the dentist, picked up both my girls from school and brought Emily to the gymnastics, it’s been none stop. Now I’m just waiting to get home for my tea.

Emily loves coming here and I enjoy watching her learn some new skills. Hopefully she will carry this on in the future but always just for fun, she is never really that competitive.

Sitting here on my own I’m just pondering. I’m only at the beginning of this journey. Twitter is working well and hopefully in the near future myself and George will plan a good fundraiser. I know that being at the beginning, only having little problems with my hand and just getting used to this I want to do the best to make sure people know about this disease. I want to do the best.

It’s really amazing to see how many people on Twitter have this desease, how they promote it and how they put up with it. I want to let people know about this and raise some money for the charities.

In the future hopefully some journalists will learn about me and help to promote it. Also some famous people will see it and help me out. I’ve already had some good retweets, followers and favourites.

I know I keep saying ‘I’ but I couldn’t do this without my beautiful wife. I’ll let you know more about her in the future.

This is not what I deserve it’s just up to me to let everyone know. It’s me that has to make the effort.

Come on everybody!

Please follow our social media accounts and help spread the word.
@crowdeyslegacy #crowdeyslegacy

@paul_george_mnd #crowdeyslegacy

Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


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