// ‘Getting Down to Business’ //

Today I had a good meeting with my boss and HR manager. We had a constructive chat about my current status and my future work at home. It was also great to find out that a lot of people in my company know about my disease and that they have passed on their best wishes.

I was a little bit stressed about this meeting and I got a little bit emotional at the beginning of it. Knowing that my company is going to help me in anyway that they can and also that people are trying to find work for me just made me happier. I’ve already said that I want to be helpful and useful for as long as I can and this is how it is going to move on. I am getting used to working at home, a lot of data analysis and investigation and I just want to have some more scheduled work.

I know that my brain still works and it’s good to see that my company will allow me to use it. I’ve never really enjoyed being fussed over and it was truly great to see people support me. This will sometimes be a difficult journey but I know I have the people around me who can help and this news from my company is very welcome.

Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to share more about my company but for now it shall remain ‘The Company’.



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