// ‘Choccy Biccies’ //

Looking at the ginger biscuits covered in dark chocolate today made me recall about having some biscuits in a cafe in my hometown when I was young.

On Lord Street, the main route through Southport town centre, was located a wonderful cafe. It was historical and sold some of it’s best biscuits. I can only assume that this was in the early stages of my life as even remembering it I have very little recollection.

I can just remember that I loved these biscuits. Covered in dark chocolate and crunchy they were delicious. I think I can recall eating them at home but definitely whilst sat in the cafe with my Mum, Dad and Liz.

Lord Street is the very centre of Southport, off it are routes to the beach, parks and all the best places. It is also rumoured that it influenced the tree lined boulevards of Paris. We all know how urban myths are created though.

Anyway back to biscuits, I’ve always loved them. They’re definitely one of my vices, along with crisps and chocolate. It’s just as well I’ve had an active job for the last 12 years. If I’d stayed in the studio I think I’d definitely be a different shape to what I am now.

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