// ‘Gardening’ //

Whilst on my lunch at home today I decided to nip into the garden and do a bit of pruning.

The garden is getting much brighter due to the warmer weather and the winter moving away. It’s also amazing how your mood improves when the weather is better. My mood hasn’t really been bad recently but the sun and blue sky just put a big smile on my face. It was also nice to not be shivering for the first time in months.

I was only outside for about 25 minutes, hanging up the washing and then pruning the first plant. The spring is now here and the garden will be wonderful in the next few months.

When I have the spare time I am going to work in the garden to make it look good this year. Hopefully some blooming pictures will be on here in the future. I want to make sure that the garden looks good this year. Some neglect in the last few years means there is a lot of work to do.

I’ll also spend a few pennies on it and maybe treat us to some new furniture. The main reason for this is so I can sit out in the garden, being comfortable and proud of it.

I’ve always loved gardening and I just want to do it for as long as I can. It will look amazing this year!



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