// ‘Wakey, Wakey’ //

Three alarms really do the trick. I have one set for 7:15, one for 7:25 and the final one goes off at 7:35. This morning I jumped out of bed ready for the day, well carefully that is, I’m always expecting my leg not to work.

I’ve always found getting up hard, I suppose none of us exactly enjoy it. Now I sleep less soundly it’s even harder.

Probably since last summer I’ve found it more difficult to sleep through. It’s by no means hard work but if I sleep with my legs straight I end up with cramp in my left leg. Not every night though and I’m sure it happens less than I think. I try and make sure I sleep with my legs bent, this appears to help.

My hands and arms also go to sleep if I lie on them so that’s something else I’ve had to change. They’re only little things really but at least I know what’s causing it now. Also I know there’s plenty of you out there who struggle with sleep so I’m by no means different. I just have to adjust how I sleep.

Anyway I was up to get on my computer and get my girls to school for the first time. It was good actually. I can stay quite calm in the morning so I try and keep it chilled. Just giving the odd ‘hurry up’ when its needed.

The start of another day.



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