// ‘Snakes on a Lounge’ //

Today we got another snake, this brings the total to four. Our newest member is of the Corn Snake variety and we have named him ‘Jim Moriarty’. He joins our first recruit ‘Dave’ another Corn Snake and our Royal Pythons ‘Willow’ and ‘Lileth’. They all currently reside in our lounge in varying sizes of hides.

George is the lover of snakes. Dave the first, arrived approximately a year ago, just before George’s birthday. I suppose in a way it was a present. Since then we’ve had regular arrivals. I was a bit apprehensive at first but they’re really no bother, I’d say I’ve grown to love having them around.

They really are amazing creatures, seeing them eat is something to behold. They spend a lot of time sleeping and are usually only active when they are hungry.

Also today I met a wonderful Panther Chameleon. They even very kindly got him out of his house and let him climb up my arm. He is a beautiful colourful creature and his eyes are amazing. They can see everywhere. I’d love one as a pet but they are pricey and eat bugs…

Never say never though…

(I’ll try and get some pictures next time!) 



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