// ‘Weekends’ //

Weekends are always a good time to chill out and relax. Annie usually spends half of Saturday in bed, Emily goes to see her cousins at her Nan and Grandad’s and George is getting back into the habit of working. 

Now George is back at work she only does half of the day so I’m not on my own for long. At the weekend I have the girls to keep me company and taxi around when needed.

Today she woke me up as she missed her alarm, and then she only just managed to get to work on time. Funnily enough when her alarm went off I had a feeling she’d be up late but sadly I fell back to sleep.

On Sunday we always try and get out and about however this has been difficult over the winter. As the weather improves we will be able to get out more and visit some new parts of this beautiful country of ours.



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