// ‘Being Careful’ //

I wouldn’t say that simple things have become difficult, I’m far from that, but even going to the dentist means I have to be careful. 

They have to be aware of what is wrong with me and what medication I am taking. Obviously I am in no way incapacitated yet but my disease and medication will affect me, they have to be sure of it before they carry out any work.

Also I can no longer take it for granted that my body will repair itself. Obviously MND affects my muscles so the rest of me will be relatively unaffected, but this means that as my muscles weaken if I fall over or bang myself I may well be damaging muscles that won’t repair. Also if I fall over I may not have the strength to brake my fall which means bones could be broken.

Again I am far from this but it is something I have to be aware of for the rest of my life. 

As I am always saying to my beautiful little girl ‘be more careful’.



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