// ‘Raising Awareness’ //

Talking about my disease is much easier now. Getting used to this is really helpful. Obviously taking one day at a time is the only way to go as looking into the future is just not good.

I can now talk about my disease and know how we are going to fight it. My emotions have chilled out which makes it so much easier to communicate. I suppose in a way I’m used to it. Talking on here has been a great help and as time passes more people will know.

Hopefully I will receive some pin badges from the MNDA shortly and this can be an introduction to strangers. I don’t want to hide away with this disease I want people to know how it will destroy my body. Hopefully being at the start of this my family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers will see what happens.

I’m not the only young person with this wicked disease but I want to make a difference. It’s the least I can do suffering from it.

Raising awareness is just so important.



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