// ‘One of my Passions’ //

When I get home from a holiday and I’m fully chilled out I always make sure my pictures are put on to my computer. Ready to share with whoever wants to see them.

Photography has always been one of my passions. From a very young age I loved to shoot. I can still remember thinking it was modern to have a film in the back of your camera that you didn’t need to wind on. They were APS films created in the late 90’s, they made life so much easier but how little did I know what was going to come in the future.

I can also remember when I worked in Leicester as a graphic designer, we had a ‘modern’ digital camera with all of 2mb. The quality was appalling and it was almost quicker and easier to use a real camera. How things have moved on in my short life.

We can now take pictures on almost any digital device and sharing them with the world is now so easy. Obviously ease of access doesn’t mean we always get great shots but every picture is a snapshot of a moment in time that can never be reproduced.

I now shoot mainly with my Nikon D90, it’s not the most modern DSLR but it does the job. I also take pictures on my HTC One, mostly selfies and snapshots. Hopefully as my health gets worse I will still be able to take pictures of the world around me. 

Technology is a wonderful thing.



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