// ‘A good day in the city’ //

Today has been great. Walking around London with my beautiful family is just wonderful. I always love this. 

We went to the National Gallery first, taking some selfie’s in front of our favourite paintings. A quick wander around the National Portrait Gallery. Then on we went for a long walk to find lunch, finally in an EAT. After this we walked around Covent Garden.

Emily bought some new shoes from the Disney Store and then we walked to the Orbital comic shop. I nearly bought a Joker comic but I didn’t like the hard back comic. I’m just so indecisive when it comes to buying comics!

We went to Chinatown and took a really good family selfie. The smells were ‘awesome’ and were making me hungry. Finally we went to St James’s Park and met some squirrels. A little girl gave Emily a nut to give to them, this was really good. The girl and her mum were foreign and really kind sharing their food.

To complete the day we returned to the underground to make our way back to our base in Balham, a really good day done. 


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