// ‘About a spider’ //

Unloading the back of my truck for our trip to London was actually easy, I still have the strength to move it all. I even managed to brush it up and give it a good tidy. As well as this, getting my truck serviced and the red nose put on the front was good as they gave it a really good clean.

Whilst covering the floor in the back of the truck a rather large spider came out of the sheet that was stored in the shed. Boo!

I worked as a labourer for Mr Tasker in Southport in the early stages of the new millennium. I was moving some roof tiles from the side of a wall, this area was dark and damp and when the tiles were moved some of the biggest spiders I have ever seen in my ‘Real Life’ came out to say hello.

They all ran away from the light when I was moving these tiles and as I was wearing gloves they didn’t jump on to me. I have never been scared of spiders and it was good to see where they lived.
Anyway back to my truck. I called out George to see the big spider and she was somewhat surprised. I managed to get it to climb on to my little brush and George took some pictures of it. We called Emily and she pretended to be scared of it. I then walked into the back garden and Emily was screaming all the way. She really isn’t afraid of spiders.

This was a really fun event, the little things really do put a smile on your face.

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Let’s fight this! \\ Paul and George.


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