// ‘Music’ //

Driving along in my truck listening to dance music is actually a really good way for me to chill out. Whilst driving at work when I was worrying about my health it was always a bit negative as my mind used to wander. This has now changed.

I was brought up on everything, my parents had a very eclectic taste in music. From classical to musicals and The Carpenters to John Denver. This is why my taste is so varied. I don’t care though, I just love music.

I have loved dance music since my late teens. This was the music that took me through my degree with my friends Abi, Kerry, Graham, Ryan, Dean, Tom and James in Blackpool. These were great years.

I can still remember getting the latest copy of a PVD album with James and… in those days you couldn’t download or stream and we were poor students, I still have it. I can also remember getting the latest Trance Nation album for my birthday, I think it was an orange and black cover.

I really do love music, it brings back so many memories and creates many new ones. It can lift you, bring you down, make you angry or even make you fall asleep. Music should always affect you in some way.



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