// ‘Preparing’ //

Knowing that I can prepare for the end is actually a positive, it doesn’t stop it being emotional though. Most of you in this world won’t get the chance so I suppose it’s something we should all do.

Rather than the financial things I want to leave voice recordings and photographs for my family. Also if I can find the strength some videos. Knowing that I can prepare these is actually a great thing and then when I leave this world I can leave part of me behind. 

Obviously I still don’t know when I’ll lose my voice, I may never lose it completely. I also have no idea when I’ll be leaving so I just have to get all these things sorted and carry on with my life.

Always being a bit of an emotional wreck will make these things difficult but I don’t want to let myself down by not doing it. In our world of technology it’s actually harder not to do it.

Being given this opportunity means I must grab it with both hands, its going to be hard but I’ll do it for my girls and my beautiful wife.



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