// ‘Spending the day at home’ //

I don’t always think about the wicked disease every day. Obviously at the start it’s much easier to do this but when my body breaks down it will be hard. The only good thing is that my brain will work and I will be able to share my thoughts and love. In a world of tech this should be easy. 

Sometimes spending the day at home is great. With the budget being tight until we get paid and having everything we needed we didn’t even have to go shopping.

I managed to spend a large part of the day playing on my PS4. Although this isn’t exactly constructive it is a great way to chill out. One thing I’ve always had is patience, I don’t get frustrated when I have to keep repeating things. Hopefully this will help me not to be frustrated with my broken body in the future.

My girls all kept themselves busy. Annie even sat in the garden reading (briefly, it’s still cold). The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. Spring is surely on the way.

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